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Monetise your 3D printing capacity

3D Seller empowers community of commercial 3D printing service providers by automating and managing all of their commercial activities. Small companies and individuals can leverage the solution to launch their services into profitable business.   It bridges the gap between technical capabilities and business Dollars.


Simple Workflow

The consumer workflow is simple. Upload files, choose size and material, get quotes and place an order.   At no stage do you have to get involved for  receiving orders. 



Customer Education

Software provides all the relevant information customers may require in making a decision about their 3D printing work. You simply focus on printing and shipping. Add more pages and videos if you like.


Build your own customer database and interact with them on e-mails. Invite your customers to your site without fear. 

Automated Quotes

The software will provide you professional capabilities of analysing the uploaded files and offer automated quotes to customers for placing orders. You need to simply provide your pricing rules and the software will handle the rest.

Custom Services

Your services are your identity and value proposition. The software allows you to be creative with material or services. Add your own designs, a service or material, define  prices. That's it.


The software comes with built in e-commerce. You simply choose your account and start accepting orders. The shipping module handles the shipping label printing and customer communication.

Pre-defined Materials

The software will come with pre-defined library of  materials. You simply choose the services you offer and ready to go. 


Need to meet customer for scanning or any other discussion? Built in calendar allows them to make appointments online. 


While every business can develop their unique web portal, they will also have access to marketplace jobs. The market place jobs will be added to the order queue for processing. 

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